Pawnshops are the dark horses in the world of luxury. In recent times, the popularity of pawnshops is on the rise as people are starting to gain interest on the many services it has to offer. Since the 20th century the range of deals have expanded exponentially and now you are almost certain to be able find what you are searching for in a pawnshop somewhere out there.

Buying a piece of jewellery/timepiece is not an easy task. From finding the design you desire to avoiding extortionate prices, one must exercise caution especially when it comes to luxury. While you need not become a gemmologist just to buy a piece, a little knowledge in this field would not hurt.

While the price of a piece may fluctuate from time to time, the true intrinsic value of it will hardly change. Pawnshops exercise strict rules and leverage on modern technologies to ensure the maximum precision when evaluating this crucial value of jewellery/timepiece. Conditions and quality are also guaranteed through professional measures and countless inspections before the pawnshop releases a piece out to the public. From a professional point of view, a pre-loved jewellery shares the same intrinsic value as a new piece.