Jurong Pawnshop Pte Ltd

Jurong Pawnshop Pte Ltd

Blk 966 Jurong West St 93 #01-217 Singapore, 640966


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Long before the Singapore Bird Park became a popular destination in 1970, Jurong Pawnshop have been at Corporation Pond next to the SAF Army camp servicing all customers and small businesses alike.
While Jurong have changed and we are now in Jurong West, we have and will remain true to our 40 year tradition of providing a truly close and caring service to all our customers through dedicated skills and service.

Our Services

With our experience spanning over 2 generations, we can not only provide top valuation for all pawn items but also the assurance that your jewellery and gold items are safe and secure under our care.
Come and visit us to see our wide range of pre-owned jewellery and gold items on terms and prices most favorable to you.

✓ Provide short term loans (6-mth tenure) based on pledged collateral of all gold jewellery of various grade; 18K,22K &24K etc.
✓ Provide short term loans based on branded watches eg. Rolex, Omega Patek Phillipe etc.
✓ Provide valuation on various jewellery etc.
✓ Sell used and scrapped gold jewellery through in-house Second Hand Goods Dealing Company