To be the recognised platform of the pawnbroking profession in Singapore


Enhancing the pawnbroking industry standing and value in the consumer lending market

To actualize our vision, SPA took its 1st step for the first time in this century to reform its mode of operation in 4 main ways.

  1. The association will foster an environment for interaction with various internal and external stakeholders and to enable business collaboration within the industry following a code of business ethics and operating with corporate social responsibility.
  2. Aligning with vision of government agencies, SPA will actively contribute to Singapore’s economy and keep up with regulatory directions in consumer lending market through dialogues with government agencies.
  3. Leverage on technology for productivity and innovation, we are proud to announce that SPA has recently upgraded its website to increase its functionality. This is but one of the many steps we took to reach out to the public and make our services more accessible. SPA has also identified competencies to be developed and will organise training programs, upgrade capabilities of members to attract new talents.
  4. Lastly SPA is working to establish a process for collecting and analysing customer’s information to tailor its marketing and service provision.