Since the beginning of recorded history, the aim of pawn-broking operations has always clearly been to embrace compassion and to help the masses.

As privately operated pawnbrokers, we have been serving a wide spectrum of the society to resolve their financial woes. In order to stay relevant with the times, the face of pawn-broking and its service need to continue to adapt. Besides maintaining our traditional beliefs, as well as discarding sole motive of profit making and calculative pettiness, we should stay close to our customers and keep our enterprises nimble. We emphasize cooperation, empathy and magnanimous care, so as to mould a favourable image, generate positive word-of-mouth, and set a firm foundation for our competitive existence.

Our pawn-broking industry can continue to sustain a long legacy, and it does not face a decline or extinction that befall other sunset industries. Instead, our substantive value is accepted and needed by the masses. We provide the timely help to let people know that they do not need to face a hopeless dead end, and that they have a door to turn to for help.

I sincerely hope that my fellow pawnbrokers will find much satisfaction working in this industry. Let’s be united in our efforts to let our industry shine brightly and spread widely; let more people respect, love and embrace our traditional industry.

President Award -Leadership Par Excellence for Three Decades