A Good Alternative to Loans

There are many instances in life where you will find yourself troubled over money. Maybe you need a certain sum of money, but banks are unwilling to lend it to you while credit card debts and money lenders are simply too costly. You desperately need instant cash but you don’t want to end up in a financial ruin. If you can recall yourself trapped in these scenarios, Pawnshops are the places for you!

As long as you can bring the pledge and proof of identity, most pawn shops will welcome you with extended arms for a loan. They have MUCH fewer restrictions as compared to banks (which will demand a minimum income, CPF documents, etc.), all these at a significantly lowest interest rate.

SPA was registered in 1920 and is one of the longest active associations in Singapore. The association currently has 204 members comprising of traditional, modern and public-listed companies that are ever-ready offer you instant cash with hassle- free.

One of the LOWEST INTEREST in the world!!

At an astonishing rate of only 1.5% and LOWER, our pawnshops are definitely at the top of your affordable loans list. Our Pawnshops believes in a simple and transparent way of calculating interest payable.

A simple arithmetic calculation will enable you to compute the interest due; the formula for the basis of interest computation is as follows:

(Interest charge) = (Amount of pawn loan) x (Number of months for the loan) x interest Rate

A pawnshop’s interest rate is lower than the average credit card (which is about 2% per month).